Finding the Best Bike Reflectors

When it comes to commuting by bike, there’s a lot of talk about how you can improve your visibility by lights but we feel there’s not enough around increasing your visibility by reflectors. Reflectors are a super cheap and efficient way of increasing your visibility on the light whether the reflector is attached to your … Read more

Which Bike to Buy for Commuting to Work

Welcome! You’ve decided to start commuting to work by bike but undecided on what type of bike is best suited for your commute. We’ve put this post together to help inform on what types of bikes work best depending on the type of commute. Why is Choosing the Right Bike for Commuting Important?Choosing the right … Read more

Brooks Cambium Saddle Review

As many of you will know, Brooks have been making possibly the best leather bicycle saddles in the world for almost 150 years, and are arguably THE top name in this niche industry. The firm have had the comfort of cyclist’s bottoms foremost in their thoughts ever since John Brooks’s horse died in 1878 – and … Read more