Brooks Cambium Saddle Review

As many of you will know, Brooks have been making possibly the best leather bicycle saddles in the world for almost 150 years, and are arguably THE top name in this niche industry. The firm have had the comfort of cyclist’s bottoms foremost in their thoughts ever since John Brooks’s horse died in 1878 – and he was forced to commute on a bicycle with an excruciating seat. John vowed to do something about his discomfort that day, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Brooks Cambium Saddle

C17 Carved Black All Weather
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Fun Facts:
What we liked:
  • Stylish looks
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable
What we disliked:
  • Expensive
  • Limited colour options
  • May not be as good as leather

What’s in the Seat?

The Brooks Cambium saddle is known for being a great commuter bike seat which is partly thanks to the 3 layers which help provide a seat that is both comfortable and lasts.

On the bottom later, Brooks have used a ‘vulcanised rubber’ which in nerdy terms is basically sulphur that has been heat treated which then gives it greater elasticity and strength properties. 

On top of the rubber then comes an organic cotton canvas helps hold it all together.

Finally, the saddle top is made using Brook’s ‘Numac’ which essentially is a leather like finish on top that is both waterproofed and maintenance free meaning you don’t need to condition it with leather treatment products.

Is the Numac as good as leather? Some people suggest no and the seat not being as durable as leather but we’ll have to trust Brooks on this one with their claims the seat is just as durable if not more than leather seats.


One thing we really liked about the Brooks Cambium seat is the way the seat is designed to follow the rider’s movements. Basically meaning the seat is able to spread more easily and be responsive to where you may sit on it over time like a worn-in seat. 

Based on the seat being designed to follow your movements, the seat is designed to be immediately comfortable out of the box and does not require breaking in like other leather seats on the market.


The seat comes in two options:

  • C17 touring and trekking option which is more of a wider design that has greater comfort. The design is based on someone who spends a lot of time in the saddle in a variety of seating positions. If you’re a female and looking to buy this seat, you’re in luck! The C17s is the female version
  • C15 road bike option is designed with a more stiffer and lightweight option to use road cyclists who perhaps don’t spend as much time seated.

Colour Options

The Brooks Cambium comes in three (3) different colour options including:

  1. Black 
  2. Natural 
  3. Rust 


With Brooks known for having rich history in making quality cycling seats, the Cambium is a no brainer for anyone looking to purchase a seat that is both comfortable and will last the test of time thanks to the water proof design and stylish looks.

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Currently available on Amazon for $99.85.

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