Best Winter Cycling Gloves

With winter on the way in some parts of the world, its time to start considering a pair of gloves for cycling to help protect your hands from the elements.

Similar to other cycling clothing, gloves are designed for warmer winters (think Australia) all the way to your freezing winters (think freezing parts of the US). For this reason, finding the best pair of winter cycling gloves inevitably becomes a trade off amongst a range of needs. From our experience, waterproofing and warmth can come at the cost of breathability and responsiveness. 

Like all things cycling, buying a pair of winter cycling gloves comes down to price with the best quality generally seen with the more expensive pairs. But hey, if you only have a short commute perhaps you can get by with a cheaper pair that's less comfortable vs. someone who commutes 1-2 hours each day that needs both comfort and warmth. 

We'd recommend the Sealskinz All-Weather Cycling Gloves which are available
at Amazon for from $33.25

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How to Choose the Right Glove Size

For those of us that don't have the luxury of having a great cycling store near us, purchasing online can be the only way to get access to a good range of cycling related equipment. But how on earth do you measure your hand to ensure you get the right glove size? We've put together these easy steps:

  • Measure your hand at its broadest point with a tape measure. We recommend around your knuckles.
  • Compare the measurement to the online chart for that particular pair of gloves.
  • We generally recommend going a larger rather than smaller size if unsure.  By having bigger gloves, this works well on freezing winter days where you may look to wear thin liners underneath. Smaller pairs of gloves would 

Things to Consider When Buying Winter Cycling Gloves

How Cold Will it Be?

Cycling gloves come in many different levels of warmth from those capable of withstanding snow conditions in cold parts of America all the way to warmer winter conditions in Australia. Be sure to check the recommended use before you buy. Most


Whether it be looking for something that works well for riding in the rain or in the wind, there's a few things to consider with different materials.

  • Wind proof gloves generally breathe better than water proof gloves. However the only down side, they may not include water proofing which makes means water will sneak into your gloves.
  • Rain proof gloves sometimes lack the breathability of normal gloves however make up for it by keeping your hands nice and dry in the wet conditions.

Cuff Design

Some gloves come with velcro, zip or nothing, relying on the natural stretch of the gloves to remain tight on the hand. 

Reflective Layers

When commuting on a bicycle, it's always important to think safety. For this reason, most cycling brands now include reflective material on cycling gloves to help with making you more visible.

Silicon Grip

When riding in wet conditions, your gloves can easily get slippery. Look for gloves which include silicon on the outside of the glove which helps create grip in wet conditions.

Gel Pad

Gel pad or not to gel pad? Most gloves include a gel pad which helps provide greater comfort on your hands. Some people might find the extra bulk awkward but others enjoy the comfort it provides from long days of riding.

Best Allrounder

Endura Strike Waterproof Lined Gloves

Endura Windchill Winter Cycling Glove
Our Rating:
Current Price: from $33.25
Available at Amazon

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Fun Facts: Endura gloves are measured across the knuckles rather than around the knuckles like other gloves.
What we liked:
  • All weather glove
  • Rain proof
  • Wind proof
  • Plus Circle
    Gel finger detail for better grip
What we disliked:
  • Padding isn't as good as other brands reviewed
  • Minus Circle
    Other users have reported the gloves to easily leak in wet conditions

The Endura Strike Waterproof glove is a great an allrounder capable of with standing any harsh winter. Built with a windblock fabric with an internal waterproof underlay, the Endura gloves still manage to remain breathable which was a huge plus from us!

Other things we liked about the Endura gloves include the silicon finger detail which helps in wet conditions and gel padding to help provide comfort for long days in the saddle.

Looking to Buy?
Currently available on Amazon from $33.25.

Best Gloves we Reviewed

Sealskinz All-Weather Cycling Gloves

SEALSKINZ Waterproof All Weather Cycle Glove, Black, Medium
Our Rating:
Current Price: $45.93
Available at Amazon

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Fun Facts: Find it difficult using your smart phone with gloves? Sealskinz are designed with a special fabric on the tip allowing you to use your smart phone
What we liked:
  • Long cuff design to help keep your hands warm
  • Capable of using a smart phone with the gloves on
  • Water and wind proof
What we disliked:
  • Limited colour options
  • Not completely waterproof

Sealskinz All-Weather Cycling Gloves are a great choice for any commuter looking for a pair of gloves that are both safe and capable of all keeping your hands warm in the elements.

The gloves are designed with both a wind proof outer layer and a waterproof inner layer which helps keen your hands warm in wet and windy conditions in those harsh winters.

One thing we really liked about the gloves is the snug design and longer cuff which essentially provides a better fit and ensures your hands are protected from the harsh winter elements. 

As we said at the start of the review, a big plus from us is the special tip on the ends of these gloves which allow you to use your smart phone device even with the gloves on. How great is that?!

Looking to Buy?
Currently available on Amazon for $45.93.

Best Cold Winter Glove

SEALSKINZ Waterproof All Weather Cycle Glove, Black, Large
Our Rating:
Current Price: $60.00
Available at Amazon

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Fun Facts: Warm thermal layer keeps your hands toasty with these gloves
What we liked:
  • Super warm
  • Ability to use your smart phone with the gloves on
  • Gel padding for additional comfort
What we disliked:
  • May be too warm for some readers
  • Poor waterproofing

Not to be confused with the All-Weather gloves we just reviewed, the Sealskinz make a warmer glove called the Winter Cycling Glove.

The warmer version might not suit all of our readers out there with the glove coming with a higher thermal rating than the previously reviewed pair. These gloves are very much suited for people commuting in harsh winters and need that extra warmth.

Like the Sealskinz All-Weather Gloves, these also include a gel padding for comfort and special tips on the fingers for smart phone use.

Looking to Buy?
Currently available on Amazon for $60.00.

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Best Pair for any Serious Commuter

GORE WEAR Men's Waterproof Bike Gloves

GORE Wear Men's Waterproof Bike Gloves, GORE Wear C5 GORE-TEX Gloves, Size: L, Color: black, 100263
Our Rating:
Current Price: $79.99
Available at Amazon

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Fun Facts: While not the cheapest glove, these make up for it with their great water proofing and warmth
What we liked:
  • Gore-Tex keeps your hands warm
  • Water and wind proof
  • Gel padding
  • Plus Circle
    Use smart phone while wearing gloves
  • Plus Circle
    Reflective layer
What we disliked:
  • Expensive

These gloves were the more expensive pair we reviewed but we felt that they're worth it with the features that come with them. We rated these as the best pair for any serious commuter.

The GORE WEAR Waterproof gloves are designed with, you guessed it, Gore-Tex. This means your hands are nicely protected from the rain and wind whilst also allowing any body moisture to easily escape. 

Similar to other gloves we reviewed, the GORE WEAR gloves are capable of allowing you to use your smart phone while wearing the gloves and also come with a gel padding to ensure comfort during long days on the saddle. 

Do we think these are worth the extra cost? Yes! 

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Currently available on Amazon for $79.99.

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Best Neoprene Gloves

Castelli Diluvio

Castelli Diluvio C Glove - Men's Black, S/M
Our Rating:
Current Price: $39.78
Available at Amazon

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Fun Facts: Neoprene isn't the most breathable material and known to make your hands sweaty
What we liked:
  • Capable of using a smart phone device whilst wearing the gloves
  • Long cuff to keep your hands warm
  • Padded palms
What we disliked:
  • Big Castelli logo is ugly
  • Not as warm as others
  • Not breathable

Unlike other gloves we reviewed in this article, the Castelli Diluvio gloves are made using neoprene similar to that which you see with wet-suits. Similar to a wet-suit, the gloves aren't completely water proof and eventually let some water through depending on how wet the conditions are.

Another down side to these gloves is that they aren't as breathable as other gloves and can build up sweat.

Like other gloves we reviewed, these gloves are capable of using a smart phone device while wearing the gloves thanks to the material on the finger tips of the gloves. Another plus is also the padded palms and long cuffs which help keep your hands comfortable and warm.

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Currently available on Amazon for $39.78.

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