Finding the Best Bicycle Mirror

Commuting by bike on busy roads can be serious business and often quite dangerous at times. For this reason, we recommend the use of a bicycle mirror which helps to give you more visibility of your surrounds when commuting. We recommend the which is available at for .Why Ride with Bike Mirrors?Commuting to work isn’t a … Read more

Endura Hummvee Cycling Shorts Review

Endura Hummvee Bike ShortsOur Rating:Current Price: Fun Facts: Great shorts for anyone wanting a relaxed fitting shortWhat we liked: Lots of storage with 6 pockets Side vents to keep you cool Chamois inner layer for paddingWhat we disliked: Heavy Baggy due to being designed for mountain bikingAfter commuting for a few months, comfort becomes everything … Read more

Which Bike to Buy for Commuting to Work

Welcome! You’ve decided to start commuting to work by bike but undecided on what type of bike is best suited for your commute. We’ve put this post together to help inform on what types of bikes work best depending on the type of commute. Why is Choosing the Right Bike for Commuting Important?Choosing the right … Read more

Best Bike Multi Tool to Buy

Bike multi tools or bike tool kits as they’re sometimes known, are something that every commuter should carry in their bag for emergency situations whether it’s tightening an allen/hex key on your brakes, making a quick adjustment to the seat or helping with changing a punctured tyre. We recommend that everyone commuter purchases a bike tool … Read more

Best Bicycle Pannier Bags for Commuting

As someone that has commuted for years with pannier bags and cycling backpacks, I can confidently say no option is better than the other and it ultimately comes down to preference.  Have you ever wondered what makes a bike pannier bag better than a backpack? You’re in luck! This post provides the details with the pro’s … Read more

Best Street Style Bicycle Commuting Helmets

Commuting to work unfortunately can be dangerous no thanks to drivers that are also in a hurry to get to work and road infrastructure that isn’t made for cyclists. For this reason, we recommend buying yourself a good quality helmet for your commute to work to make sure you get home safe every night. We recommend the … Read more